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From dropping out of college in 2011 to sitting on the board of a million-dollar company by 2021. Learn about my methods, join my communities – maybe even work together?

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How does a hippie dropout go from barista to business owner in under 10 years?

The answer is actually quite simple. Iteration. I didn’t have a million-dollar idea. I didn’t have a one-in-a-million IQ. I just iterated on my own abilities in a consistent and steady manner. I know this is the boring answer, but it’s also true. Want to learn how I taught myself the skills I needed to start multiple businesses ranging from Dog Care to Digital Marketing?


A hand-picked selection of some of my favorite businesses that I have either started or joined over the last 6 years.

Project Honorable Mentions:
Cville Photo Collective
Convectric Geothermal
Gray Dawn Film
Fabrika Society
The Yogurt Factory


Symton Black Soldier Fly

Joined the Board of Directors as an interested party of the leading United States producer of Black Soldier Fly Larvae, a premium live insect feeder for reptiles.


Stickbuilt Marketing

Founded a Digital Marketing company providing Creative, Copywriting, and Analytics services to small and mid-market businesses across the country.


Backyard Dog Camp

Created a network of home-based Doggy Day Cares started in Charlottesville, VA providing tools, training, clients, and support for pet care service providers.


Brian’s Lightbox

Started a photography studio in Charlottesville, VA providing Professional Headshots, Product Photography, Events, Press, and Marketing.

My Offerings

If you are interested in working with me, I have many different services that I offer. My current work mostly involves Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, and Graphic Design. If you just want to get in touch – the first sit-down is always free.

“Brian is both attractive and highly adaptable. Nice to work with you, Brian.


“After consulting with Brian my business skyrocketed! Not able to tell you how happy I am with his help. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! This is simply unbelievable!


“Brian saved my business. Small Business Consulting is invaluable in the modern business landscape. Brian is the very best.”


“Brian is awesome! I’d be lost without Brian.”


Other Fractional Work

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I don’t have a huge underpaid team of content creators at my disposal, so blog posts are written if and when I feel passionate about something. Enjoy these placeholder posts until I get my site fully ported over ?.

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