AWDIT #7 – Jason Elliott

“That is Not Alternative To Me” My guest this week is Jason Elliott. Jason is the host of the self-titled Jason Elliott Show, currently being aired on Facebook Live. He provides members…
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AWDIT #6 – Taj LeBlanc

“Homeless Playing the Flute” My guest this week is Taj LeBlanc. Taj is a Creator living in Los Angeles, California – but he didn’t start there. He has been raised in…
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AWDIT #5 – Doug Hornig

“We Pretend to Work, They Pretend to Pay Us” My guest this week is Doug Hornig. Doug is a professional writer who first gained major attention in fiction writing for…
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AWDIT #3 – Elizabeth Mead

“Gentrification Sweet Spot” My guest this week is Elizabeth Mead, a second generation rug merchant based out of Charlottesville VA working to modernize her family business while still holding on…
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AWDIT #2 – Alden Goodwin

“Space, Rocks, and Game Theory” My guest this week is Alden Goodwin, a geologist and science communicator from rural Virginia. We got to sit down for an hour and discuss…
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AWDIT #1 – Jim Lark

“Libertarian v. libertarian” My guest this week is Jim Lark, a decorated professor at the University of Virginia and a former chair of the Libertarian Party. In this episode I…
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