AWDIT #8 – Paige Speight

“Forced Friendships”

My guest this week is Paige Speight, an artist from Bar Harbor, Maine. A true Renaissance Woman, she has a history in collegiate-level boat racing, a Chemistry degree from Bowdoin College, and grew up running a motel with her family. When she isn’t hiking the Appalachian Trail, she spends most of her waking hours creating art pieces ranging from thick oil paintings of vulnerability, to stop-motion music videos for local musicians.

Today we talk about her art practice, National Parks, and forced friendships. This is one of my first remote interviews and I hope to have her back on with better recording equipment in the future.

AWDIT #4 – Matisse Tsoy

“More Than Just the Meat”

My guest this week is Matisse Tsoy, a music producer and hip hop artist local to Charlottesville, VA. I first met him on a music video shoot for a hip hop track that he had written and recorded called Old Man – SPOILER: I am also in this music video and I get cake on my face.

We chat today about some of struggles and benefits of how the internet has changed the current lifestyle of art and media. And hamburgers. And tax returns. And just a whole bunch of stuff – give it a listen.

Get in touch with Matisse on his Instagram @matissetsoy or on Facebook at Matisse Tsoy. If you’re interested in production or leasing beats, you should check out his page on

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